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At Ovens Valley Equine we provide comprehensive equine reproductive and veterinary services. Artificial insemination, semen collection and embryo transfer make up a large component of our reproductive work and we offer many other services.

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Ovens Valley Equine offers stallion management as one of their reproductive services. This service enables stallion owners to stand their stallions at stud without the hassles associated with having outside mares at their property.

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Order your chilled or frozen semen from Ovens Valley Equine by submitting the completed online form or downloading the form and returning it to us via email.

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Stallion & Mare Admission Form

Download and fill in either the Stallion or Mare admission form and return it via email to Ovens Valley Equine. Ensure the documentation has been signed and you agree to the terms and conditions.

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Your service will not proceed unless full payment has been received. Please ensure the Payment Authority form has been completed and received by Ovens Valley Equine.

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