Artificial Insemination

At Ovens Valley Equine we offer fresh, chilled and frozen artificial insemination services.

Fresh Semen

Artificial Insemination

There are several reasons why stallion owners may prefer their stallion be bred using artificial insemination. There is limited risk of injury to the stallion compared to breeding via natural service. Also some stallions remain more level headed for competition when collected for AI rather than breeding naturally.

These stallions are collected, the semen is processed and the mare inseminated all on site at Ovens Valley Equine. We offer a package deal for this service with a discounted rate compared with semen collection and artificial insemination performed as separate procedures. We charge a per cycle fee which includes the semen collection, all ultrasound scans, the insemination, a post breed check for ovulation and the 14 day pregnancy test.

Chilled Semen

Artificial Insemination

Chilled semen is shipped from locations within Australia and New Zealand. The semen is collected and processed prior to shipping to us at Ovens Valley Equine. The semen arrives within 24 hours of collection and is immediately inseminated into the mare.

Prior to semen collection the mare owner must have finalised stallion contracts and paid collection costs to the stallion owner or their agent. At Ovens Valley Equine we monitor your mare via ultrasound scanning to determine when breeding should occur. We organise the timing of the semen collection and the shipping directly to us.

We charge a per cycle fee for artificial insemination with chilled semen. This fee includes all ultrasound scans, the insemination, a post breed check for ovulation and the 14 day pregnancy test.

Frozen Semen

Artificial Insemination

Frozen semen AI allows mare owners to breed with stallions from within Australia or overseas. Frozen semen keeps for very long periods of time, assuming that it is maintained in liquid nitrogen at the correct temperatures.

If planning to use frozen semen it is best if the semen is shipped to Ovens Valley Equine before your mare arrives. The time taken for frozen semen to arrive is longer and more variable than chilled semen. Shipping is usually arranged by the mare owner with the stallion owner or their agent. Breeding contracts and shipping costs usually have to be finalised before the semen is released. It is then sent directly to Ovens Valley Equine where we store it for you until use. Ovens Valley Equine have vapour shippers for hire which can be sent to collect the semen for you if this is more convenient.

We charge a per cycle fee for artificial insemination with frozen semen. This fee includes all ultrasound scans, the insemination, a post breed check for ovulation and the 14 day pregnancy test.

Ordering Frozen Semen from Ovens Valley Equine

When ordering the delivery of frozen semen from Ovens Valley Equine please complete the payment authority form and frozen semen order form.

Please be aware that we cannot ship frozen semen without receiving a written release from the owner of the semen. Shipment will proceed once we have received the written release, a completed frozen semen order form and payment has been successfully processed.

Frozen semen shipments take a variable period of time to reach their destination. Due to the weight of the vapour shipper they are sent via courier off peak and an exact arrival date cannot be guaranteed (variation of 2 to 10 days have been noted).

It is always recommended that you wait for the arrival of the frozen semen before you bring your mare into season for breeding. We can ship the semen overnight if there is some urgency regarding its arrival but it is also very expensive to do so.

Other Costs

Costs outside of the breeding charges include agistment, drugs and treatments.

Examples of commonly used drugs are prostaglandins, ovulating drugs (deslorelin) and medications used to treat uterine inflammation and/or fluid. These vary from mare to mare depending on individual circumstances. Some mares display uterine inflammation and fluid after breeding and it is recognized that these mares, if left untreated, show lower pregnancy rates than mares with a healthy uterine environment. Also some mares with poor vaginal confirmation will not go in foal without having a caslick operation. These variables make it difficult to give an accurate estimate of additional drug costs and each case must be taken on an individual basis.

Many young, healthy mares incur minimal additional drug costs. However a mare which requires a caslick operation and needs treatment for severe post breeding inflammation and fluid may incur additional treatment charges. It is OVE’s policy to consult with owners before carrying out extensive treatment. Although we wish to give the mare every chance of going in foal, ultimately it is the mare owner’s money and their decision whether or not to treat.

For all pricing information please contact Ovens Valley Equine by phone or email for a pricelist.

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