Semen Collection & Frozen Semen

At Ovens Valley Equine we collect equine semen for semen evaluation, fresh semen artificial insemination, chilled semen shipping and semen freezing.

Semen Collection

for Fresh Artificial Insemination

Some stallion owners only allow their stallions to perform AI and not natural service. This decreases the risk of injury to the stallion.

In addition some stallions remain more level headed for competition if they are not breeding mares by natural service. Semen is collected from the stallion, processed and inseminated into the mare immediately.

This process is suitable when both the stallion and mare are at Ovens Valley Equine.

Semen Collection

for Chilled Artificial Insemination

Ovens Valley Equine ship chilled semen Australia wide. We routinely collect the semen in the afternoon and ship overnight so it arrives the next morning at its destination. It may be possible to fly the semen via Qantas Freight for quicker delivery time, however this is dependent on flight schedules.

It is important that the mare owner has finalised the relevant paperwork and service contracts with the stallion owner prior to ordering semen. A chilled semen order form can be found in the on line forms on this website. This form is to be received by Ovens Valley Equine no later than 3pm on the day prior to required semen collection (please note this is not the day prior to semen delivery). Any orders received after 6pm on the day prior to required semen collection will incur a late order surcharge in addition to the normal collection fee. Unfortunately last minute semen orders are very disruptive to the work flow at Ovens Valley Equine, often resulting in other booked appointments being postponed and inconvenience to other clients.

In addition not all stallions are resident at Ovens Valley Equine and they must travel into the clinic for collection. The logistics of getting a non-resident stallion into the clinic and getting the semen to the courier on time are difficult and sometimes impossible when same day semen orders are received.

Ovens Valley Equine requires pre-payment for all semen collections and shipping costs. Please complete the payment authority form and return to us prior to collection and shipment. If we have not received a payment authority form or we have been unable to process the payment semen collection will not proceed.

Semen Collection

for Freezing

There is a large stallion-to-stallion variability in the success of semen freezing which is still poorly understood today. While many stallions achieve good pregnancy rates with their frozen semen some have significantly reduced or poor pregnancy rates. In addition while microscopic examination is a good indicator of fertility with fresh semen it may not be a good indicatory with thawed, frozen semen. After thawing, sperm may look to have good progressive motility under the microscope but still fail to get pregnancies.

For all these reasons it is important that clients have realistic expectations with regard to freezing their stallion’s semen. If a stallion’s fertility, when naturally bred to reproductively normal mares, is questionable he is probably not a candidate for freezing semen. In all stallions a thorough semen evaluation and test freezing is necessary to evaluate whether that stallion maybe a good candidate for commercial freezing. Even then the only true test of a stallion’s frozen semen is to use it to breed mares and assess the subsequent pregnancy rates.

Stallions stay at Ovens Valley Equine for variable lengths of time depending on how many mare doses the stallion owner wishes to have frozen. For more information on costs related to semen freezing please contact our office via phone or email.


for Semen Collection

It is important to understand that stallions need training to collect semen prior to embarking on an artificial breeding program. For fresh AI or chilled semen shipping, collection must take place when the mare is ready for breeding. Therefore it is important that we can safely and reliably collect a good quality sample from a stallion within a defined timeframe. This certainty only comes with training and the understanding that develops between the stallion and his handlers.

At Ovens Valley Equine we train colts and stallions to collect semen. It is recommended that this process occurs prior to the commencement of the breeding season. It is mandatory that all colts and stallions are halter broken and safe to handle. A chain or bit must be worn at all times while they are being handled at Ovens Valley Equine.

Frozen Semen Storage

Storage Facilities

Ovens Valley Equine offers frozen semen storage facilities for our clients. Some of this semen was frozen at Ovens Valley Equine and some was frozen elsewhere in Australia and overseas.

Ordering Frozen Semen from Ovens Valley Equine

When ordering the delivery of frozen semen from Ovens Valley Equine, please contact the clinic so we can forward you the relevant documentation.

Please be aware that we cannot ship frozen semen without receiving a written release from the owner of the semen. Shipment will proceed once we have received the written release, a completed frozen semen order form and payment has been successfully processed.

Frozen semen shipments take a variable period of time to reach their destination. Due to the weight of the vapour shipper they are sent via courier off peak and an exact arrival date cannot be guaranteed (variation of 2 to 10 days have been noted).

It is always recommended that you wait for the arrival of the frozen semen before you bring your mare into season for breeding. We can ship the semen overnight if there is some urgency regarding its arrival but it is also very expensive to do so.

Order your Chilled Semen

Order your chilled from Ovens Valley Equine by submitting the form or printing it out and returning it to us via email.

Order Details

Billing Details
Delivery Details

Download the Form

Payment Authority Form

Frozen Semen

NOTE: Semen will not be shipped until full payment has been received by Ovens Valley Equine. Please ensure that a payment authority form has been completed and received by Ovens Valley Equine. As vapour shippers are routinely shipped off peak, please allow 7 to 10 days for arrival of frozen semen.

Chilled Semen
NOTE: Semen collection will not proceed unless full payment has been received. Please ensure a payment authority form has been completed and received by Ovens Valley Equine. Any semen orders received by Ovens Valley Equine after 3pm the day prior to required semen collection will incur a late order surcharge. Note that semen is routinely collected the day prior to delivery. While we can organise shipping, there’s no guarantee it will arrive due to shipping issues from 3rd party for example Qantas freight and Toll.

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