Stallions at Stud

Ovens Valley Equine offers stallion management as one of their reproductive services. This service enables stallion owners to stand their stallions at stud without the hassles associated with having outside mares at their property.

Problems faced by many stallion owners may include:

The stallion can be resident at Ovens Valley Equine or travel to the clinic for semen collection or breeding as necessary. Similarly the mares can be resident at Ovens Valley Equine or we can ship chilled or frozen semen to mares at other locations.

The stallion owner is responsible for organising the completion of breeding contracts and the collection of service fees. Ovens Valley Equine is responsible for the reproductive work associated with collecting semen and/or breeding the mare and costs associated with this are passed onto the mare owner directly.

Stallions are all housed in specialist stallion paddocks and stabling is available.

Stallions whose semen is currently available through Ovens Valley Equine include:

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